Ben Nagar Software Engineer 🛠

#HASHTAGS. Event based tag generator.

Create hashtag for a specific event, Search for events by exporting the info directly from your phone pictures.
Fetch pictures for event from multiple social media sources.
Apps: iOS
Back-end: CloudKit

RiDE. connecting riders.

Social community for bike riders, we also have facebook page.
Apps: iOS, Android, web page and web app
Back-end: Node.js and mongodb.

babacode logo

babacode LTD. reinventing the shopping experience.

A seismic shift in the mobile payments industry has been launched by babacode, an Israeli start-up.
Apps: iOS, Android, online-store and admin dashboard for merchant
Back-end: complex server with finance systems integrations.

Demo video 🎥

smartcart. make your shopping easier.

Smart way to do shopping, dynamic shipping list with crowd source learning making the shopping in supermarket process more efficient. check the dynamic learning product graph, and the FB page
Apps: iOS
Back-end: Google App Engine, CloudKit

✨ CodeLetter ✏️ ✨ Daily code news, tips, cool frameworks and tricks

With more than 2K followers, codeletter is a place to find the latest programming news and frameworks, mostly focusing on Apple products and swift

PokeBot. Pokemon GO messenger bot

Find out each Pokemon’s weaknesses in real time.
Chat with PokeBot!
https://pokebot.co | Fabebook page
Apps: Facebook Messenger
Back-end: Node.js, wit.ai

And some other... work in progress :)

phonePRO twitter page
gripeyard gripeyard.com
despatch despatch.co